Shared Governance

Practicing Shared Governance at CRMC

In August 2010, a Shared Governance Steering Committee was developed. This committee includes both clinical and management nurses, and meets twice monthly to implement Shared Governance at CRMC.

Clinical nursing practice is guided by research, regulatory guidelines, workplace protocols and professional standards. Individual skill sets, experiences and resources further influence practice. Organizational policies and procedures are designed to outline desired clinical nursing practice at Capital Region Medical Center. Shared Governance is a model that encourages collaboration and shared decision-making between clinical and management nurses in decisions that affect nursing practice. Specifically, Shared Governance supports clinical nurses' participation in decision-making regarding practice, education and quality.

The Shared Governance model at CRMC is comprised of a Coordinating Council and individual Unit-Based Councils (UBC's). Each UBC has a defined mission, purpose and set of bylaws. The UBCs have a reporting relationship with the Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council is made up of the UBC Chairpersons or designee, Nurse Managers, Directors and the VP of Patient Care. This council is responsible for coordinating the activities of all the UBC's, resulting in consistent shared decision making throughout the Patient Care Department.

Why get involved?

  • Shared governance offers the means to influence the quality of care you and others provide.
  • Serving as a council member or council chairperson is a recognized leadership role within CRMC and in other organizations.
  • Actively participating in shared governance is an opportunity to develop career-building skills in practice, research, quality, education, and leadership.
  • Rather than being one who reacts to change initiated by others, the door is open for you to become a partner in the process.
  • The ability to lead and influence others is a necessary step in clinical advancement and in your own professional development.

For more information about Shared Governance or opportunities to be involved, speak with your nurse manager.

Here is what CRMC employees are saying about shared governance:

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