Enhanced External Counterpulsation

Capital Region Medical Center provides Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP).

People who suffer with angina – characterized by agonizing chest pain brought on by exercise or emotional stress – can benefit from EECP. EECP is used in patients who continue to have symptoms after bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty and despite taking medication. It is administered in outpatient sessions, is less costly than inpatient treatments, carries little or no risk and is relatively comfortable for patients.

“In the United States, more than seven million people suffer with angina,” said Dr. Jeffrey Sanders, Cardiologist, Capital City Medical Associates. “In many cases, EECP can be an effective option that can compliment other treatment modalities and result in a reduction in symptoms and improvement in lifestyle and functional status.”

By treating angina with EECP, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the frequency and intensity of chest pain, decrease the need for medication and improve the ability to participate in activities of normal everyday life. After receiving EECP, some patients are able to enjoy moderate exercise for the first time since they developed angina.

EECP is available in Jefferson City at Capital Region. For more information about EECP, please consult with your cardiologist.