Work Injury Rehabilitation Program

No matter if you sit, stand, bend, stretch, lift, walk or whistle while you work, we can help determine if you're doing it right. HealthDirect's Work Injury Rehabilitation Program is designed to:

  • help prevent workplace injuries through site visits,
  • help workers who may have suffered workplace injuries return to the job more safely with less lost work time,
  • lower workers' compensation costs, and
  • help you meet OSHA safety standards.

As a private health resource, HealthDirect does not mandate any remedial action or recommendations. We simply make you aware of potential health problems in your work environment, and determine methods by which you can enhance the health and safety of every worker.

Onsite Evaluation
Post-injury Evaluation
Program Benefits

Onsite Evaluation

One of the most important aspects of HealthDirect's Work Injury Rehabilitation Program is its emphasis on prevention. A team of professionals will visit your work site and make an analysis of the physical environment in which your employees work.

Factors evaluated include:

  • Job design
  • Ergonomic hazards
  • ADA access
  • Supervisory capacity
  • General safety conditions
  • Physical environment (lighting, ventilation, etc.)


You will receive a confidential report detailing the team's findings and possible solutions to job site problems. Solutions may include:

  • Injury prevention classes (back, repetitive trauma, etc.)
  • On-site modified job duties
  • Job redesign
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Post job offer strength/flexibility assessments
  • Injury prevention training for supervisors

Post-Injury Evaluation

For workers who may have already suffered injuries on the job, HealthDirect can provide you with a comprehensive program of evaluation and individualized treatment designed to return injured workers to their jobs in a safe and healthy manner.

This post-injury program can include:

  • Lumbar stabilization
  • Body mechanics
  • Endurance measurement
  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Job simulation
  • Stress and pain management training
  • Temporary job duty modifications

Program Benefits

HealthDirect's Work Injury Rehabilitation Program can help employers reduce health care costs and workers' compensation claims while contributing to the safety and well being of every employee. It's the kind of program that gives employers and employees the peace of mind they need to do their best - and maybe even whistle while they work.