Rehabilitation Team

The team approach is essential to a successful rehabilitation program. Our interdisciplinary team approach helps to coordinate every aspect of a patient's return to function. Team members include:


A physiatrist is a licensed physician, residency trained and board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. A physiatrist is the Medical Director of Capital Region's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. One of our physiatrists will be responsible for your medical needs during your stay and for directing your rehabilitation program.

Personal or Attending Physician

Your personal physician may be involved with your care, pending staff privileges at Capital Region and his/her desire to be an active participant. Usually, your physician transfers your care to the physiatrist during the rehabilitation program.

Consulting Physician

A specialist (orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, urologist, internist, etc.,) may be consulted by the physiatrist depending on your needs.

Rehabilitation Nurse

Capital Region relies on the expertise of Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses who possess special knowledge, philosophy and skills of the rehabilitation program.Nursing provides education about disease process, medication and facilitates communication of needs to the physician and support staff. Your nurses will assist with the rehabilitation process utilizing techniques, exercises, self-care and adaptive equipment in preparation for your discharge.Rehab Team

Physical Therapist

This is a licensed professional who evaluates your strength and mobility needs. He/she develops an exercise program that will address balance, safety, strength and coordination so that you can learn to walk or use a wheelchair. The physical therapist will also help you learn to use adaptive equipment so that you can return to independence with daily activities.

Physical Therapist Assistant

The Physical Therapist Assistant carries out the treatment program developed by the Physical Therapist to help you meet your mobility goals.

OTOccupational Therapist

This is a licensed, registered professional who emphasizes activities of daily living, upper extremity function, memory and thought processes through the use of goal-directed activities and training in the use of adaptive equipment and environmental modifications.

Speech and Language Pathologist

This is a certified, licensed professional who is trained in prevention, identification, evaluation and rehabilitation of disorders of communication, cognition, memory and swallowing.

Case Manager

This is a licensed professional who assists you and your family with social, emotional and economic matters related to your rehabilitation program. The case manager helps guide you through the rehabilitation program from admission through discharge and is also known as the "social worker".


This professional will assess, monitor and counsel you regarding your nutritional needs throughout your stay.

Pastoral Care

The Chaplain is available for consults upon request. Clergy of various natures and faiths are available, upon request, to meet your special spiritual needs.


Licensed psychologists, professional counselors and psychological residents help you and your family in dealing with emotions relating to feelings of grief and loss and in adjusting to a new life style. Therapists are skilled in pain management techniques and relaxation therapy. Family counseling is available to help your family deal with this current crisis by providing solution-oriented therapy to adjust to the future.