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Welcome to the Capital Region Employee Wellness Challenge Home page.  Here you can learn more about the challenge and access valuable resources for helping you live a healthy lifestyle. Each week team progress will be posted along with tips and information to help motivate and inspire you to get up and get moving!

Capital Region Medical Center employees do such and outstanding job taking care of others, they often push their own health needs aside. To help CRMC employees improve their health and reduce their risks for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease a wellness committee has been established and they have created the Better Every day wellness challenge.


Congratulations on a Great challenge.  Congratulations to the Orange team for having over 50 participants AND improving the number of minutes of activity they are averaging each week from the beginning of the challenge. 

Winners of Cash Prizes from the Orange team are:

Judith Healy – Mendez  $50
Cyndi Griffey  $50
Penne Eiken  $50
Angie Stohs  $50
Jan Faulconer  $100
Karla McKim  $100
Crystal McNail  $200

Congratulations to our Healthy Challengers

Angie Stohs – Winner

Teresa Ross – Runner up

Deb Millen, Lori Winfrey, Jennifer Maurer Dr. Lori Claypool

 Together the Healthy Challengers had the following results over 9 weeks to lower their risk factors and improve their health: 

  • Average Weight Loss – 21 pounds
  • Average % body weight lost – 7.5%
  • BMI average improvement was 3.66
  • All six had BP in normal range at end
  • 100% decreased their LDL cholesterol
  • 84% improved HDL/TC Ratio
  • 100% increased their activity level and improved eating habits

Don’t stop NOW!  Keep Moving!  Here are some tips from Kay Benward, Fitness Center Supervisor at the Healthplex to help you keep with your exercise program.

Keeping Exercise as Part of your Routine

Starting a regular exercise program can be difficult, but sticking to it can be even harder. For exercise to effective in improving overall health and in assisting in weight loss/maintenance, it needs to be consistent – a part of life. Here are some tips to increase your odds of success and put you in the right frame of mind for making this a habit for life:

  • Look for opportunities not excuses. Many use situations such as work, an illness, or a vacation as a reason to miss exercise.  Seek out ways to exercise, even if it is not ideal.

  • Act as if exercise is a priority. Put exercise at the top of your to-do list. Make exercise just as important as a meeting, social gathering, or regular TV show that you watch. Don’t miss it.

  • View exercise as a necessity rather than an indulgence. Don’t see exercise as a chore, on the other hand, look at workouts as a necessity – something you need to make your day better.

  • Think of exercise as your energy source. Believe it or not, taking time out to exercise can actually give you more energy and focus for your day.  Taking a walk can give your mind and stress levels a break and you will be better prepared for what is to come.  Change your frame of mind from “this is difficult” to “I am doing something great for my body, this is fun, I can do this.”

  • Find ways to move all day long. Whether it's taking more walks, parking at the end of the parking lot or taking the stairs at work, know that any movement can generate more energy and momentum.

  • Stand up and move when you can. Instead of sitting, stand up whenever you can – while on the phone, watching TV, opening your mail or taking a break from work.  Park farther away from the door, take the stairs, sit on an exercise ball when you're at the computer or watching TV. Eventually, these movements become habits and, before you know it, you're moving more than you're sitting.

  • Look at Exercise as a tool for getting what you want.  Working out isn't just for weight loss, but a tool they can use to find balance, more time for the things they enjoy and a way to keep up with life with fewer injuries, illnesses and other things that keep them from functioning at their best.

  • Exercise is a time and money saver.  A little exercise every day can help manage aches and pains, fatigue and offer protection from more serious illnesses like diabetes and cancer.  Exercise can increase your confidence, boost your mood and make you feel good about yourself all at the same time.  A little exercise now can save you time, money, in the future.  Research has shown that exercise improves both the quality and quantity of life. 

  • Exercise is Medicine.  Exercise does reduce the risk of many diseases but it can also help with management and control. 

Making exercise a part of you day can be easy. It requires looking at your daily tasks and choices with a different attitude and an eye toward your overall goals in life -- feeling good, having more energy and getting satisfaction out of your accomplishments. Exercise can improve your overall quality of life.  So KEEP MOVING – it will make you Better Every Day!

The Challenge:

Many applications were submitted and six CRMC employees were selected to be a healthy challenger, these six will receive personal training sessions, nutrition counseling, and a pass to the Healthplex for the duration of the challenge, 10/1/2012 - 12/17/2012. They have also been assigned a team. Teams are comprised of various departments, where the challenger along with an AC member and a team facilitator will help guide, motivate and encourage their teams participation.

The CRMC Employee Healthy Challengers/Team Leaders:

DebMillen JenMauer TeresaRoss LoriClaypool LoriWinfrey AngieStohs
Team Black: Deb Millen
Team Gold: Jen Maurer
Team Blue: Teresa Ross
Team Green: Dr. Lori Claypool
Team Purple: Lori Winfrey
Team Orange: Angie Stohs

Team Rosters



Resources Each week look for new healthy living information added to the site.

Week Topic


Healthy weight:


What should I be eating?

4 Healthy choices in the Cafeteria - or in a restaurant
5 How to help control blood pressure
6 Do you have diabetes or are you at risk?
7 Smoking Cessation
8 Nutrition and Exercise for Cancer Prevention
9 Stress Management, document #2
10 Fitness
  What do these results mean?

Online tools you can use to help live a healthy lifestyle - A weight loss/healthy living support website which also provides an app for your smart phone to keep track of physical activity and caloric intake. Offers access to tools and calculators as well as online support from other sparkpeople users. FREE - This is similar to the site listed above and it also offers an app for your smart phone. It is also FREE.

Shopwell app. - iPhone users can download this app which let's them enter their own personal nutritional settings and scan items while grocery shopping to determine if a healthier option is available. FREE on iTunes. - You can enter your food and activity intake and it will track it every day for you, plus is will show you exactly how much of each food group you are getting so you can see if your daily diet is balanced.