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Historic Southside/Old Munichburg District & Neighborhood Plan

Capital Region Medical Center along with an advisory board of property owners, business owners, residents, and civic and community leaders has partnered with H3 Studios to develop a plan to revitalize the area in and around the Old Munichburg/Southside neighborhood.

To learn more about the plans adopted by the city follow the links below:

Historic Southside/Old Munichburg District & Neighborhood Plan
Draft Land Use Plan

About the Process

Our roots run deep in the community especially in the heart of the city where the hospital lives. Throughout this process, we asked for and encouraged participation from our community for ideas to revitalize the area. We want our community members and neighbors to have a vested interest in these efforts. We had wonderful participation with community members sharing with us their vision for the neighborhood at the public presentations and interactive forums. The merging of these visions led to the development of a plan that in the long run we believe could lead to a more vibrant, sustainable community. We are excited for this process and thankful for the opportunity to work next to residents, business owners and like-minded folks eager to create a better place for future generations.

H3 Studios is a national award-winning, St. Louis-based design and planning firm that offers a highly-specialized approach to projects in public and private sectors. Project elements include sustainability and urban design, coding, landscape, and architectural professional services. Input and participation from those within the neighborhood are vital to creating safe, inviting areas, for working and living.

In late 2015 H3 and the advisory board members began laying the foundation for community input sessions to allow neighborhood residents, business owners, those who work in the area and concerned citizens to provide their insight as to what would improve the area.

After several public meeting sessions and meetings with various groups plans were developed and presented to the groups and evolved further based on continuous feedback.

With the recommendations for the area complete the next steps are to prioritize the initiatives based on the City's direction and budget. Some of the recommendations can be completed more easily and some will progress over time. Projects of this nature often take more than a decade to come to fruition, but Capital Region Medical Center and those on the advisory board are committed to revitalizing the heart of the community. The City of Jefferson adopted the final version of the plan and will begin prioritizing the projects.