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Better. Together.

When like-minded organizations come together, remarkable things can happen. In 1997, Capital Region Medical Center and University of Missouri Health Care formed an affiliation. The goal was, and continues to be, to combine the strengths of a community health system with the expertise of a world-class academic health system.

For more than two decades, this partnership has enhanced care for those living and working in Jefferson City and surrounding communities, offering improved access to services, including:

Growing Stronger

Committed to finding more ways to give patients the care they need close to home, our affiliation continues to grow stronger.

Shared Health Record. Further integrating care, Capital Region Medical Center and MU Health Care will soon be on the same electronic health record platform. With shared access to patients’ records, we’ll be able to provide seamless care — a vital component to improving the patient experience, reducing the need for duplicate screenings and enhancing the coordination of care.

Simply put, the affiliation between Capital Region and MU Health Care benefits all of those we serve, providing exceptional care when and where it’s needed. Both organizations are committed to the advancement of care in Central Missouri by increasing access to primary care and specialty providers, enhancing integration through technology and sharing best practices for outstanding patient

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