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Residents are offered a wide variety of benefits to help offset the daunting schedule and hard work that accompanies continuing medical education. In addition to personal mentoring and guidance, the following is offered:


  • First-year resident (PGY I)—$53,819
  • Second-year resident (PGY II)—$55,092
  • Third-year resident (PGY III)—$56,365

Paid Vacation

  • First-year resident (PGY I)—14 days.
  • Second-year resident (PGY II)—17 days.
  • Third-year resident (PGY III)—20 days.

Educational Allowance and Professional Fund

  • First-year resident (PGY I)—$1,000.
  • Second-year resident (PGY II)—$1,000.
  • Third-year resident (PGY III)—$1,800.

Medical and Dental Plan

Health and dental insurance are available to the intern/resident and their family at the same cost as other CRMC employees.

Moonlighting Opportunities

Moonlighting opportunities are available for second- and third-year residents.


Our hospital provides our residents meals for breakfast and lunch as well as while on call. House staff are not charged for meals while on duty at the hospital.


Residents earn life support certification in specialized areas including BLS, ACLS and PALS.

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is provided at no cost to residents for activities associated with the residency program.

Resident Wellness

Full free membership to Sam B. Cook Healthplex.

Employee mental wellness with free available counseling.