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Capital Region Medical Center achieves next level of stroke care

Capital Region Medical Center continues its commitment to bringing advanced health care to our community.

In 2015, Capital Region became the first designated stroke center in Jefferson City. Now, Capital Region has met the criteria necessary to upgrade from a Level 3 to a Level 2 stroke center. The stroke center designation is voluntary.

An expert team right here

"This designation means stroke patients can receive lifesaving medication administered by an expert team of professionals, safely, quickly and effectively," says Ruthanna Hunter, MD, a neurologist with Capital Region Physicians. "This new designation means we now have the capability to care for patients at Capital Region without the need to transfer them to another facility. This is a huge advantage in successfully treating stroke patients."

Designations are made only after a thorough review by a team that consists of a representative from the Department of Health and Senior Services, a stroke coordinator or stroke program manager, an emergency medicine physician, neurologists, and neuro-interventionalists—all with experience in stroke. The designation is valid for four years.

Complete stroke care at CRMC

"For patients experiencing signs of a stroke, early intervention is critical to minimize brain damage," says Jeff Ehmke, DO, Director of Emergency Medicine at Capital Region Medical Center. "The collaboration of trained emergency department physicians and neurologists allow us to provide brain-saving and lifesaving treatment to patients and continue their care within our facility. I am extremely proud of the dedication, hard work and commitment from our team to earn this designation. We truly keep getting 'Better. Every day.'"

The time-critical diagnosis (TCD) system is a statewide system that brings together the 911 response system, ambulance services and hospitals in a coordinated way to provide patients the right care at the right place, in the right amount of time.

With the designated stroke centers in place, individuals having a stroke will receive quicker response times and improved survival and recovery rates.

If you or a loved one is experiencing signs of a stroke, call 911. The stroke team at Capital Region has the expertise, tools and training to provide advanced treatment.

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