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Physician Order Policy for COVID-19 Testing

Physician Order Instructions for COVID-19 Testing for symptomatic/non pre-op patients

Physician orders for COVID-19 testing at the mobile site must be faxed to the mobile test site. The fax number is 573-632-5462.

Physician Order Policy for COVID-19 Testing for Scheduled Surgeries & Upper Endoscopy Procedures

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 to patients and staff, Capital Region Medical Center requires COVID-19 testing on patients scheduled for surgery or upper endoscopy procedures.


Patients with a scheduled surgery or upper Endoscopy procedure will need a COVID-19 test in the medical record and dated within 3-7 days prior to procedure and patient is to quarantine until the procedure date/time.

When the patient presents for testing, Registration staff will verify the patient has a scheduled surgery/procedure at CRMC and will attach the standing order to the specimen and Laboratory staff will enter the order upon receipt of the specimen. Capital Region Physicians will not be required to place an order for patients with a scheduled surgery/procedure. Standing orders will only be used for Capital Region Physicians. Outside providers will need to provide patients with an order.

Patients will be asked to quarantine from the time of the test to the date of the procedure.