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Support services

Survivorship Program

Through early detection and medical research, more people are living with or beyond cancer. With 14.5 million cancer survivors in the United States and an expected 19 million by 2024, the attention has shifted from how long a person lives to how well someone is able to live after a diagnosis of cancer. This “cancer survivorship” can bring questions and fears about emotional, mental, physical and financial concerns. We are here to help relieve concerns.

The goal of the Survivorship Program at Goldschmidt Cancer Center is to help patients transition back to wellness after treatment is complete. During and after treatment, we help provide resources to patients and their family regarding emotional, mental, physical and/or financial support. A personalized care plan is created by the Survivorship Specialist to help plan for future appointments, explain medications, educate on possible late and long term effects of treatment and much more. A copy of the care plan is also provided to the patient’s Primary Care Provider, ensuring all care providers are on the same page for follow-up care.

We are here to help patients adjust to normal physical changes they may face, as well as a mix of emotions often felt by patients and their family. Know that as a patient or family member, you do not have to do this alone. Our cancer care team will follow a patient for five years, and sometimes greater based on the patient’s need. The team at the Goldschmidt Cancer Center is here every step of the way, and we strive to give patients empowerment regarding their cancer care; the more patients know and understand about their treatments, the better their transition to wellness can be.

Additional resources

In addition to our skilled physicians, caring nurses and friendly office staff, we offer several extended services that may be of benefit to you and your family during your treatment and follow-up care:

These services are part of the supportive care network available to patients at Goldschmidt Cancer Center. It is our hope that these tools will support you throughout your treatment, enabling you to reduce stress during this difficult time and better care for yourself and those you care for.