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Cardiac care

Highly qualified cardiologists and cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons perform a broad scope of outpatient and inpatient procedures at Capital Region. Each cardiac diagnostic test and surgical procedure uses the most technologically advanced techniques and equipment available.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Capital Region Medical Center offers all the resources necessary to help you prevent a cardiac event. From access to nutrition and fitness at the Sam B. Cook Healthplex to convenient cholesterol screenings held twice a month, we are committed to giving the community the right tools to live healthy lifestyles.

Sometimes though, all the prevention in the world just isn't enough. That's why we have combined the sharpest minds trained in the latest techniques to keep your ticker ticking. Our full team of board certified cardiologists at Capital Region Physicians - Central Missouri Cardiology are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular illnesses and conditions. And with our affiliation with the University of Missouri Healthcare, residents of Jefferson City and the surrounding communities have access to academic-caliber care located very close to home.

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