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Emergency services

In the emergency department at Capital Region, patients are the top priority. Care moves quickly, and the pace can be overwhelming at times. You can rest assured knowing the emergency team is well-equipped to take care of you or your loved one.

The Capital Region emergency department (ED) is simply second to none in terms of up-to-date facilities, advanced technologies and expert personnel. With all private patient rooms, patients receive care in a safe and private environment. Electronic medical records, patient status tracker boards and the ability to transmit vital information from emergency response personnel in the field are all factors which help patients receive the treatment they need in a timely manner.

Timely and effective care: Emergency department care details

The wait times of patients who visit the ED at CMRC are shorter than the national average. And, in most cases, shorter than the Missouri average., the official U.S. government site for Medicare, has posted statistics for wait times experienced by ED patients in hospitals across the nation. For more information, visit

Door to doc

The only thing worse than having to go to an ED is having to wait in an ED. Capital Region understands you have better places to be and would prefer to receive care sooner rather than later. Our door to doc program allows patients that are less sick to be triaged quickly, sent to an intake room, seen and given the appropriate treatment. Patients who are sicker or have a higher acuity level are transferred to a room where they will begin to receive treatment.

Think of it as two emergency rooms in one.

Access to care

In the event you require care from a level I trauma center, Capital Region, through its affiliation with University of Missouri Health Care, has access to the most visited trauma center in the area.