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Employee Assistance Program

What to expect from EAP counseling

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a counseling and referral service designed to help with your personal, job or family problems. It is staffed by a team of qualified, licensed mental health professionals. It is free, voluntary and confidential.

Our trained counselors are prepared to assist you with virtually any issue or problem that can affect your work performance or personal health. Some of the most common concerns brought to the EAP include emotional, family, marital, alcohol and drug abuse, job-related, and legal and financial issues.

The decision to begin counseling is an important one. Clients report both a greater level of comfort and more favorable results when they understand what to expect from the counseling process. After discussing the concerns that led you to counseling, you and your EAP counselor will decide what services are appropriate and develop a plan of action to meet your goals.

Successful counseling is a joint process requiring your motivation and active involvement. The more actively involved you are, the more effective counseling will be for you.


Your privacy is protected by strict confidentiality laws and regulations and by professional ethical standards for counselors. Your participation in the EAP and the details of your discussions with the counselor will not be released to anyone, including your employer, without your prior written consent.

Getting started

A telephone call is all it takes to request information or to make an appointment with an EAP counselor. As needed or appropriate, a counselor will meet with you in a confidential setting and:

  • Help you assess the problem.
  • Meet with family members.
  • Provide short-term counseling.
  • Assist you in selecting other professional services and resources within your community.
  • Follow-up to ensure that you receive quality service.