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Discharge and continuum of care

Your discharge plan begins upon admission to the rehabilitation unit. You and your family's expectations and goals are important in determining discharge plans. Please make sure that you let the staff know your goals and ideas for discharge. Your rehabilitation team works with you to develop the appropriate rehabilitation plan to meet your needs after discharge (i.e., in home therapy, outpatient therapy or admission to a higher level of care).

Discharge steps

  • On the day of discharge, the physiatrist will give you a prescription for a 30-day supply of your medication.
  • You will see your personal physician within two to three weeks after discharge from the rehabilitation unit. Your personal physician may renew or change your medication as needed. You will be given appointments with your personal physician at discharge and a follow-up visit with the physiatrist if needed.
  • The case manager will help arrange for any services, therapy and adaptive equipment recommended by your rehabilitation team. Should home health services be needed, arrangements will be made prior to discharge.
  • You will receive instruction from nursing regarding medication, appointments and treatments.
  • Your therapists will outline your home-therapy plan and recommend home health or outpatient therapy.
  • Normally you will be discharged sometime after 10 a.m.

Continuum of care

You have the option to continue your rehabilitation process through the programs and services available at Capital Region Medical Center. Capital Region’s inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation staff combines the highest professional standards with compassion for each individual's needs. The staff can provide all the personal and professional support you may require to complete your rehabilitation goals.

Home health services

Capital Region's Home Health Agency is staffed with professional nurses, nurse aides and therapists who provide care and therapy in your home. The home health professionals assist individuals as they work toward returning to their previous level of function at home.

Sam B. Cook Healthplex

Capital Region's outpatient therapy services offers a full range of comprehensive therapy services which includes physical, occupational and speech/language therapy. An individualized program is designed in order to help you meet your rehabilitation goals and to promote greater independence.

You and your family can join the fitness center together to continue to improve and maintain your strength. Capital Region's fitness center offers a variety of specialized exercise programs and conditioning equipment to promote wellness for people of all ages. The fitness center offers a nonstressful, noncompetitive, relaxed and friendly environment. The staff is dedicated to promoting good health and preventing disease.