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Family involvement

You will find the rehabilitation program challenging. It will require your strongest efforts. Your family is a very important part of the overall program. Family members can provide emotional support while you are reaching your rehabilitation goals and learn how to assist you when you return home. To help you reach goals, a family conference, family training and education are planned for everyone involved with your care.

Family conference

A family conference is the opportunity for your family to meet with you and your rehabilitation team. The conference provides a time to discuss in detail your functional limitations, goals, plan of care, family training program and discharge plans.

Family training

Family training time enables your family or caregiver to become comfortable with the skills learned during your rehabilitation program. The social worker will schedule a time for your family to participate with you during therapy and nursing education.

Therapeutic leave of absence (TLOA)

Your rehabilitation team may recommend that you have a therapeutic leave of absence (TLOA) day pass on a weekend prior to discharge. A TLOA enables you and your family to test your skills and identify potential problems at home before discharge. This is contingent on some insurance companies and the TLOA may require pre-authorization from your insurance company.

Home visits

Prior to discharge, your therapists may accompany you and your family to your home. A home visit can aid in evaluating accessibility and planning for your successful return home. Your family or friends are responsible for the transport.

Family accommodations

The case manager can suggest nearby affordable accommodations for out-of-town family members who may want to stay overnight.