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Nutrition Counseling:

A registered dietitian (RD) is a nationally certified healthcare provider who specializes in nutrition.

RDs can help you:
- Manage chronic diseases
- Prevent chronic diseases
- Achieve your health goals

The first step is meeting one-on-one with a dietitian for an initial assessment, usually lasting 45-60 minutes. Your dietitian will conduct a full assessment complete with labs, evaluation of medication and medical history review. If you can, arrive to your assessment with a complete list of food and drinks consumed in the last 24 hours. Your dietician will review the list with you during the assessment.

Once the assessment is complete, your dietician will propose a tailored plan with the knowledge and skills necessary to live a healthier life.

In two to four weeks, depending on your plan, you will have a follow up meeting with your dietician. This one-on-one meeting will last 30-45 minutes and will gauge progress made in your health journey.

If you are interested in seeing a dietitian, please ask your doctor to fax a referral to Centralized Scheduling.

A dietitian can assist with the following conditions and topics, for pediatric to adult patients:

Underweight/want to weight gain

(type 1, 2, prediabetes, gestational)

High blood sugar

Overweight/want to lose weight

Renal disease, or CKD

Low blood sugars


Liver Disease

High cholesterol or triglycerides

Food allergies

Heart health

General nutritious eating

Iron deficiency anemia


Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

GI distress





Enternal management



Nutrition label reading

  • The outpatient dietitian office is at the main Madison Campus near outpatient registration.