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Joint Replacement Center

Capital Region Medical Center is changing the way patients and their families think about and experience joint replacement surgery with the introduction of the Capital Region Joint Replacement Center, a comprehensive program that is based on a national best practice model for hip and knee replacements, and structured around the fundamental principles of wellness. The program incorporates advanced surgical techniques, pain management and early ambulation—with an environment that maximizes patient recovery through education, a culture of early mobility, family involvement and group interaction.

Your Team

Each patient chooses a coach—usually a family member or loved one—who is an active participant in their care before, during and after discharge from the hospital. Both patient and coach are required to attend a pre-operative class two weeks prior to surgery, where they meet their Joint Replacement Center team, in addition to learning in detail about the procedure, what to expect in the hospital and how to care for oneself after discharge. Coaches learn the program right along with their loved one, and provide encouragement and support every step of the way.

One person—a Care Coordinator—oversees the student’s entire stay, and is their resource before, during and after discharge. All staff at Capital Region’s Joint Replacement Center receive special training, and are chosen to work on the unit because of their expertise; positive, upbeat nature and high motivational skills.

Your Journey

Patients follow a daily schedule that begins as soon as the day of surgery. Each day, patients receive a daily newsletter with their breakfast, letting them know the agenda for the day, along with tips on how to care for themselves later. Two group therapy sessions are held daily in a gym located on the unit. Patients compete with one another on distance walked each day with progress tracked on a large exercise board posted in a common area. This exercise board provides visual reinforcement of goals. They find the camaraderie both challenging and rewarding.

Why Patients Choose Us - By the Numbers

Overall Satisfaction

Our patient satisfaction scores are BETTER than other state and national hospitals.

Capital Region - 87%
Missouri - 72%
National Avg. - 73%

Rapid Recovery and Transition Back Home

Our patients leave the hospital SOONER, and more go directly HOME vs. a rehab facility.

# of Days in the Hospital

Capital Region - 2.0
Missouri - 2.8
National Avg. - 2.7

% of Patients That Go Directly Home

Capital Region - 86%
Missouri - 78%
National Avg. - 71%

Patients Home Within 2 Days

64% of Total Hips with Stay of 2 Days or Less
66% of Total Knees with Stay of 2 Days or Less

Low Complication Rate

Our complications related to surgery is LOW (including infection, blood clots, severe bruising)

In Hospital
Capital Region - 0.47%
National Avg. - .51%

Within 30 Days
Capital Region 3.6%
National Avg. - 4.4%

Our hospital data is based on hip and knee surgeries performed April 2018 - March 2019.