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Personal Training

Reach your Goals
Personal training is a great way to reach your fitness goals. Our personal trainers are here to help you stay focused, motivated and safe.

The Focus is on YOU
Every session focuses on you, your fitness level and your desired results. Whether you’re interested in training for sport performance, therapy or rehabilitation, weight loss, or working toward a healthier lifestyle – we’re here for you.

Professional Staff
Your personalized sessions are overseen by our professional and nationally certified staff. Their experience and education ensures you are reaching your fitness goals safely and effectively.

Group or Individual Sessions
We offer both 60 and 30-minute sessions. And you can choose to participate individually or in a small group.

Get Started Today!
Contact us at 573.632.5614 to schedule your initial health assessment and begin achieving your fitness and weight loss goals at the Sam B. Cook Healthplex.

Personal Trainers