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Wound care

A common saying in wound care is to “treat the whole patient, not just the hole in the patient.” Wounds can be frustrating for patients, families/caregivers and healthcare providers. While some can be resolved in a short amount of time; others are complicated, take an extended amount of time to heal and involve the whole healthcare team from providers to specialists to adjunct therapies and many, many others. Capital Region’s Wound Care Center is dedicated to assisting our patients when faced with these inconveniences affecting their quality of life.

The Wound Care Center is inclusive in treating patients with acute and/or chronic wounds. Wound types range from abrasions, abscesses and incisional wounds to pressure injuries, hematomas and traumatic injuries. Wounds attributed to chronic disease processes, e.g. arterial and venous ulcers, autoimmune diseases and para- and quadriplegia, can be especially challenging to heal and take a lengthy amount of time.

Procedures performed in the clinic include incision and drainage of abscesses, compression, non-selective and selective debridements, etc. Daily dressing changes are offered for those individuals who do not have home support to care for themselves. Additional advanced treatments offered are topical oxygen, total contact casting, epidermal skin grafting. We can also help patients obtain the supplies they need to perform their wound care.