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Breast Center of Excellence

The breast screening process can leave patients feeling vulnerable and unsure of the challenges that lay ahead. For this reason, Capital Region offers the Breast Center of Excellence (BCE) to reduce sleepless nights, provide support to patients at every step, maintain a multidisciplinary team approach to the care plan and consistently use evidence-based care and best practices.

At the core of the BCE program is the breast nurse navigator, who provides guidance for patients and their caregivers to help understand all aspects of breast imaging and testing. The breast nurse navigator is an advocate for the patient and works collaboratively with the breast care team of radiologist, pathologist, surgeons, and when needed, the medical oncologist and radiation oncologist to ensure top of the line patient care and experiences.

The Role of the Breast Nurse Navigator

When a patient receives a positive result from diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound or MRI, the radiologist will notify the patient if a biopsy is warranted. At this time, the navigator is notified and begins collaborating on the patients care. The navigator will reach out to the patient to offer support and guidance before biopsy occurs. After biopsy, the navigator will again reach out to the patient to discuss results and further recommendations. If further steps, such as surgery, medical oncology or radiation oncology are necessary, the navigator will remain by the patient's side to facilitate care and collaborate with all other providers.

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