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Women's health

For Every Woman...

Mother, daughter, sister or aunt - we're here to make sure you're taking the best care of you.
Because when women are healthy, we're all healthier.

Capital Region Physicians - Women's Health is the premier provider of women's healthcare in Jefferson City.

No matter your phase of life, we offer services and dedicated providers to address your needs.

And it's all available in one convenient location.

Women's Health Services:

  • Gynecology - pre and post childbearing years
  • Obstetrics - pre and postnatal care
  • 3D Mammography and Ultrasound
  • Infertility care and regimens
  • Menopausal relief regimens
  • Certified in robotic surgery for minimally-invasive procedures

Accepting All Women:

Meet our team.

Monica Biddle, FNP Monica Biddle, FNP

Sheila Carnett, DO Sheila Carnett, DO

Teri Deffenbaugh, DO Teri Deffenbaugh, DO

Sarah Dunn, DO

John Olson, MD John Olson, MD

Serese Smith-Haxton, MD Serese Smith-Haxton, MD